Arriving to Earth in 2013

  • TeeGee, the Smartest Stuffed Animal in the Universe, will be landing on our planet in early 2013. Here's what to expect soon at a store near you:

TeeGee: The Smartest Stuffed Animal in the Universe

TeeGee is a smart stuffed animal powered by a parent's iPod Touch or iPhone. Connect your Apple device to TeeGee, secure the iPod/iPhone inside TeeGee's backpack, and watch as TeeGee comes to life and plays games, tells stories, and interacts with the world around him. Recommended for ages 3-6, TeeGee is capable of growing up alongside your child through our age-graded applications and accessories.


Applications Smart Accessories

Let TeeGee grow up alongside your child! TeeGee can play games, tell stories, sing songs, and teach developmentally appropriate educational concepts by running our age-graded apps. Simply download a new TeeGee app from the Apple App Store to bring TeeGee to life and change his behavior.

Below is a sample of some of our apps currently in development.

Smart accessories help bring TeeGee to life. When these accessories are brought within proximity of TeeGee, watch how he reacts! If he's hungry, make sure to feed him his favorite food (his banana) or if TeeGee gets sick, take care of him using his first-aid kit. The expanding library of TeeGee accessories will be available wherever TeeGee is sold.

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